All Endorsees


Christine Porter Marsh


LD 28 - Senate

Coral Evans

LD 6 - House


Felicia French

LD 6 - House

Judy Schwiebert

LD 21 - House

Kathy Knecht

LD 21 - House



Abigail Medina


Senate District 23

Angela Andrews


Hayward City Council

Ann Ravel

Senate District 15

Anne Kepner


Assembly District 25

Ashleigh Aitken

Orange County

Supervisor District 3

Aura Vasquez

Los Angeles City Council

District 10

State Controller Betty Yee


California State Controller

Assemblymember Christy Smith


Assembly District 38

Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris​


Assembly District 74

Dawn Addis

Assembly District 35


DeniAntionette Mazingo

Assembly District 42

Diedre Nguyen

Assembly District 72

Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis


Lt. Governor

Elizabeth Betancourt

Assembly District 1


Elizabeth Romero

Senate District 28

Elizabeth Warren

Assembly District 76

State Treasurer Fiona Ma


State Treasurer

Senator Holly Mitchell

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors 

District 2


Jovanka Beckles

Assembly District 15

Joy Silver

Senate District 28

Kathy Miller


Assembly District 13

Katrina Foley

Senate District 37


Senator Lena Gonzalez

Senate District 33

Lisa Calderon

Assembly District 57

Loraine Lundquist


Los Angeles City Council

District 12

Luz Rivas

Assembly District 39


Mai Vang

Sacramento City Council

District 8

Malia Cohen

Board of Equalization

District 2

Senator Maria Elena Durazo


Senate District 24

Marni von Wilpert

San Diego City Council

District 5


Melissa Fox

Assembly District 68

Senator Melissa Hurtado

Senate District 14

Assemblymember Monique Limon


Senate District 19

Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

Assembly District 16


Rhodesia Ransom

San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors

District 5

Seta Ghazarian

Victor Valley Union High School District, Board of Trustees

Area 1

Shelly Masur


Senate District 13

Sunday Gover

Assembly District 77


Susan Eggman

Senate District 5

Sydney Kamlager-Dove

Assembly District 54

Senate District 30

Assemblymember Tasha Boerner-Horvath


Assembly District 76

Tricia Robbins Kasson

Assembly District 45


Vanessa Delgado

Senate District 32

Vicky Santana

Senate District 32

Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo


Assembly District 51


Yasmin Ferrada

Whittier City Council

District 3

Andrea Phillips

House District 37

Christina Blackcloud

House District 72

jen pellant.jpeg

Jen Pellant

House District 16

Jennifer Kakert​

House District 92

Kayla Koether​

House District 55

shelly stotts.jpeg

Shelly Stotts

House District 47


Aleta Borrud

Senate District 26

Lindsey Port

Senate District 56


Sahra Odowa

Senate District 55

Sara Flick

Senate District 25



Cheryl Turpin

Senate District 7


Debra Rodman

Senate District 12


Ghazala Hashmi

Senate District 10

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Shelia Bynum-Coleman

House District 94


Shelly Simonds

House District 94