Women Who Run
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YOU and your network! Feel free to invite anyone who would be interested in participating.


A virtual team cross country fundraiser to help Fund Her raise $50,000 – enough to fund the campaigns of 11 progressive women!


January 31st to March 26​th


Wherever you are! 


To elect progressive women, to flip state legislatures blue, and to transform what leadership looks like across the country.

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  • Team: Each participant will be placed on a team with other participants plus a team captain who will lead them through the whole journey. Anyone high school and older can participate — we’ll even have a youth team! Fund Her will be hosting team meetings with guest speakers to support and inspire you!

  • Distance: To reach our cross-country goal, we're asking each participant to commit to a mileage goal (suggested minimum is 100-miles) completed by walking, biking, running, or any combo of these over eight weeks.

  • Sponsors: To reach our $50,000 goal (enough to endorse 11 phenomenal women!), we are asking participants to set a $1,000 goal, attained by recruiting just 10 sponsors to give $1/mile (or 20 sponsors @ 50 cents/mile or 5 sponsors at $2/mile, etc.) with sample sponsor invite email provided by Fund Her.

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Participants will also get to enjoy inspirational speakers along the way, starting with the amazing Tracy Edwards, Skipper of the first all-women crew in a sailboat race around the world!
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Don't forget to take photos of you and your team transforming the country, one mile at a time. We'd love to feature you in our emails and social media!
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Please reach out to kat@fundher.org if you have any questions!

Paid for by Fund Her (FPPC ID #1398107) and not authorized by any candidate or controlled committee.

Contributions to Fund Her are not tax-deductible for federal income purposes.


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