Our Team

Adina Goldin comes to Fund Her with several years of experience in advocacy with a particular interest in organizational development. After graduating from Bates College she spent two years with a progressive student organization, directing leadership infrastructure and strategy across the southwestern United States. Adina joined Fund Her in December 2017 and is thrilled to be working to elevate the campaigns of progressive women.

Valerie McGinty is a civil rights and consumer appellate attorney. Valerie was named 2014 Street Fighter of the Year by the Consumer Attorneys of California. Having raised over $1,000,000 for California state progressive causes and candidates, Val realized after the 2016 election that state governments pose a unique opportunity. While other organizations offer training and recruitment resources for progressive women candidates, no other PAC is dedicated to closing the gender gap in state politics.

Adina Goldin

Chief of Staff

Valerie McGinty

Founder and President

Kat Chevalier

Chief of Staff

Kat Chevalier joins Fund Her with a background in policy research and passion for gender parity. After studying Political Science at The George Washington University, Kat returned to Los Angeles for the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs. Following the Coro Fellowship, Kat worked at The Broad Center where she did research on diversity, equity, and inclusion in school districts across the United States. She is humbled by the work she does at Fund Her and excited by a future where the government reflects the women it represents.

Samantha Farmer-Helton

Chief Political Strategist

Samantha Helton is responsible for coordinating Fund Her’s political strategy and at her day job serves as CAOC’s Deputy Political Director. She earned degrees in history and government from CSU, Sacramento. Samantha served as the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Communications and Media Officer, past president of Sacramento County Young Democrats and co-chair of the CYD Progressive Caucus. She is Chair of the City of Sacramento's Animal Care Services Board and volunteers as a board game tester for a major gaming company.  

Savitha Viswanathan

Design and Strategy Consultant

Savitha is a visual designer in the fields of science and healthcare. She began her career in advertising, and served as creative director for a leading life science marketing agency. Now as an information and UI designer and strategist, Savitha's work is focused on women's health, child advocacy, and the environment. With the belief women should be at the forefront of policy making, she is excited and humbled to join the team at Fund Her.

Cameron Lange brings her joint passions for progressivism and intersectional feminism to her internship at Fund Her. Currently, Cameron is studying Political Science and Philosophy at Stanford University, where she is also VP of Stanford Democrats and Executive Head of StanfordVotes. At Fund Her, she is honored to learn from such accomplished teammates and to work towards a more equitable future.

Rachel Sterling

Chief Marketing Advisor

Rachel Sterling is a marketing executive at Twitter where she leads marketing activities. Prior to her time at Twitter, Rachel supported Nest’s Hardware division and Google’s Small Business Advocacy team. She also has a background as a television producer and video editor. Rachel received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. A fierce feminist and advocate for women running for office, Rachel joined Fund Her in 2017 as Chief Marketing Advisor.​

Cameron Lange


For all inquiries, contact info@fundher.org

Our Board

Fund Her is proud to have assembled a Board of visionary leaders. The Board is the voting body which determines our endorsements, including which races are priorities within a given election cycle. All Board members serve a 12-month term, and are joined by Fund Her's Founder and President, Valerie McGinty. 

Deborah Chang
Lesley Clement
Deidre DeJear
Harini Krishnan
Jill Demby Guest
Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 6.16.01 PM.png
Adina Goldin
Rachael Jeck
Reena Krishnan
Shaniqua McClendon
Pernille Spiers Lopez
Lea-Ann Tratten

Our Advisory Board

We’re grateful to have support and insight from the following leaders:

Carly O'Halloran Alameda

Lori Andrus

Sabrina Ashjian

Ann Badillo

Tim Blood

Roxanne Conlin

Camilla Cotchett

Lucina Di Meco

Kimberly Ellis

John Wellington Ennis

Don Ernst

Dianne Giancarlo

Adrienne Grant

Karen Grove

Julia Guest

Amy Howorth

Karen Hitzig

Lara Horgan

Camille Kennedy

Mike Kelly

Peggy Klaus

Tehya Kopp

F. Edie Mermelstein

Lisa Nash

Nanci Nishimura

Carey Perloff

Nina Potsiadlo

Oliver Power

Elise Sanguinetti

Ibiere N. Seck

Barbara Shannon

Anne Slattery

Daniel U. Smith

Indira Smith

Amy Solomon

Andrea Dew Steele

Rachel Sterling

Catie Stewart

Bill Veen

Vicki Veenker

Savitha Viswanathan

Erika Jacobsen White

Annie Wright

Lacy Lew Nguyen Wright

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Contributions to Fund Her are not tax-deductible for federal income purposes.


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