Women We're Supporting

Since launching in 2017, Fund Her has helped elect 17 women, more than 50% of whom are women of color or of the LGBTQ+ community. In California, these victories boosted women’s representation in the California Legislature from 22% to 31% for the first time in history; our candidates in Virginia helped flip Virginia blue and paved the way for Virginia’s historic passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Fund Her is proud to extend support to candidates running for office in Iowa, Minnesota, and Arizona, especially in these unprecedented times.

What They Stand For

Fund Her’s core values are women’s equality, reproductive freedom, social justice, and climate responsibility. We endorse women who share our dedication to those principles and are committed to fighting for them once elected.

Equality goes beyond equal pay. Our endorsees are champions for women’s rights and equal opportunity for all women everywhere, from the classroom to the boardroom, including the right to a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination.

We're seeing an unprecedented surge in attacks on women's rights, including a coordinated effort to overturn Roe v. Wade. We support candidates who will legislate in favor of women’s agency over their own bodies and will protect women's access to healthcare necessities, including family planning services.

We support candidates who will work to elevate the voices of California’s marginalized communities and bring issues of social justice to the forefront of policy discussion. This includes addressing criminal justice reform, equal opportunity in our education system, and uplifting women of color in our communities and in our capitol.

We are committed to tackling climate change. Environmental factors impact our daily lives in incalculable ways, from increasingly extreme natural disasters to the public health impacts of pollution to the devastating consequences of rising sea levels. We support candidates that will fight for bold solutions, including environmental protections and clean technology.

Are you a bold progressive woman running for state office?

Since our launch, we have supported 38 women, ten of whom are serving in the California Legislature’s, four in California constitutional offices, and two who helped flip the Virginia State Legislature blue in 2019. We’d love to support you, too. If you haven’t yet, check out what we stand for, and then get in touch.


Our endorsement process includes filling out a questionnaire which will be reviewed by our board. You can request more information by emailing Samantha, our Director of Fundraising.