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There are so many ways to get involved from attending an event, to growing our community, to making a monthly or one-time contribution.
Be a co-creator of a new future—where women lead alongside men in equal numbers—and join us today!

be a fund her Fund her grassroots leader

  • Fund Her Grassroots Leaders are individuals who share our passion for electing more women and who amplify and promote our work through their personal and professional networks.

  • Grassroots Leaders take the initiative to grow our community by sharing emails, social media posts, events, and donation opportunities with colleagues, family members, and friends.

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  • A Fund Her Team Captain is the leader (or co-leader) of a Fund Her community group. Team Captains organize their own network to host events and fundraisers for Fund Her. 

  • All Team Captains commit to raising a certain amount of funds ($2,500 - $5,000) through an organized event. Team Captains can choose to organize in-person or virtual events.

  • Team Captains can work with the Fund Her team to coordinate a program that involves a Fund Her Board Member and/or a woman we've helped elect. We encourage Team Captains to be creative and make the event personal, engaging and fun.

become a monthly donor

Our monthly donors understand that our work never stops. It's this support that best allows us to project how many women we can support and how many states we can be in.


Studies show that women pass twice as many laws as men do and are more likely than their male counterparts to legislate on issues we care about—issues like healthcare, education, and poverty. Yet, although women make up over 50% of the population,
they only compose 30% of state legislatures nationwide. 

Our movement to elect more pro-choice women is powered by you, our supporters,
and a contribution of any amount helps us continue doing this important work,
reaching gender parity in the California Legislature by 2028 and flipping legislatures
across the country.


Become a monthly donor today and receive complimentary event tickets and
(for $50 monthly and higher) recognition at every single Fund Her event.

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